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Return Policy

                                           Cryptee - Return Policy 

At Cryptee, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have an issue with our products we will do our best to sort it! 

Damaged or quality issue products: 
- If your product is damaged or has a clear manufacturer error, contact support with a photo of the product (and damage) and order number, they will send you the same product for free. 

Unwanted or wrong size products: 
- If you wish to return the product undamaged, for a refund, locate the package the product arrived in. It will have a return shipping address to our closest manufacturer facility. Once the item arrives there safely, our support staff will issue you a refund for the received product

- If a product is returned damaged, there will not be a refund issued. 


Contact our support staff here, or on our contact page: cryptee.info@gmail.com