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Cryptee was created to spread awareness about cryptocurrency. We think a great way of promoting crypto is through word of mouth. - Imagine, you walk into an event or a bar, and you are wearing your favorite crypto shirt. People are curious about the symbol on your shirt. Crypto fanatics spark a conversation. Friends ask where you got it. Crypto shirts are important for new connections, new friends, and spreading awareness about crypto. We believe that is vital for cryptocurrency's success.
We don't want to be like the rest. We aim to provide crypto merchandise that is consistently high-quality with innovative designs that don't deteriorate. We want to offer a user-friendly website experience to our customers, including our excellent customer service. Although we are a small team, we try our best at satisfying ever customer.
In addition, we believe in supporting crypto focused content creators by giving them a "home" on our website. We offer to carry their products on our site so they can expose their brand further! 
If you would like to know more, email us at:
- The Cryptee Team